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Digital Marketing StrategyConsult with SEO in Design when you want to create a powerhouse digital & web marketing campaign that will be fully optimized and tested for effectiveness before deployment. Wait— you didn’t think we were flying blind did you? Use your website for what it’s intended for— snagging new customers.

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This also includes how your marketing can tie in with any other real-world marketing efforts such as television, radio, and billboard and print. Digital marketing should work hand-in-hand with your normal marketing and be tightly integrated so as your company’s branding remains strong and consistent across mediums and platforms.

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    Digital marketing is a term that’s bandied about quite a lot these days! It can mean different things to a lot of different people. Digital marketing is simply marketing in bits and bytes. Google or Facebook ad campaigns, email and content marketing, and pretty much any other form of marketing that will be consumed via the Internet or social media platforms.